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Re: Decisions.

Corn snakes come in hundreds of color morphs. They are a good choice, usually have nice dispositions--except for Honey morphs--and if you don't want orange you don't have to get orange. I have some that are eye-poppingly red (Cayenne Fires), pure white (Blizzards and Whiteouts) and yellow as well (Butter and Gold Dust). They also come in Anery and just about every other color and pattern that you could want.

King snakes are hit and miss. Some are nice and some live to bite you, depending on the individual. They also vary quite a bit in size.

Stimson's pythons are another tiny Australian python from the genus Antaresia but they retain their juvenile colors / patterns better than the others and have a nice iridescent sheen as well. Very nice disposition. They can be hard to find though.

A house snake is a good bet too. I love those little guys.

I also agree with the rosy boa suggestion.

Some milk snakes tend to be flighty and Hondurans can get fairly large. My picks would be #1 Mexican milk snake. Great color, mild disposition. #2 Nelson's milk snake. A little more shy but not spastic and also great color. My Mexican milks are gorgeous, easy to handle and never miss a meal.

Ball pythons are great. Males mostly stay smaller than females. They can be tricky to keep at the right humidity depending on your climate and some are very picky eaters. I'd say they would make a better second snake unless you read up on them and decide you're OK handling that. They also tend to be fairly sedentary. However they are gentle and--I think, anyway--very cute.
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Re: Decisions.

A woma python is as close care/temperament wise as you can get to a kingsnake with a little more exotic look. They come in a variety of shades of color and banding and if fed properly won't get too big. Their only flaw is their insane feeding response when they are adolescents.
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Re: Decisions.

Have a look at bull snakes and pine snakes...if you want something more active than a ball python check out the Angolans..they seem ace :-)
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Re: Decisions.

I would say, in no particular order;

Lampropeltis mexicana mexicana (Mexican kingsnake)
Lampropeltis alterna (Banded kingsnake)
Lampropeltis getula nigrita (Mexican black kingsnake)
Boaedon (Lamprophis) capensis (Cape house snake)
Lamprophis olivaceus (Olive house snake)
Elaphe dione (Dione rat snake)
Elaphe schrenckii (Russian rat snake - much bigger though than the rest)
Elaphe climacophora (Japanese rat snake)
Bogertophis subocularis (Trans pecos rat snake)

and there are so many more..

these are all very easy to keep, and readily available most of the time.

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Re: Decisions.

Garter snakes are the "classic" beginners snake and the first snake. The females of most species and sub species grow fairly large and are more tolerant of handling. The Western and Mexican species are ones that grow fairly large. Some garter snake coloration is some of the most sought after in the hobby. California red sideds, Oregon red spotteds, and the blue puget sound garters are just a few.
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Re: Decisions.

Another vote from me for spotted or childrens pythons. I have a pair of childreni and they some of my most interactive snakes. Great fun to feed them as well. House snakes are very interesting as well and voracious feeders.
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