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Re: Gopher Snakes, Russian Ratsnakes, Subocs?

Oooh, I did not get notices about the new replies!

To answer all the questions about russians:

a) Like Serpentine said tubs are okay for young snakes but when they are adult it's better to keep them in wood/pvc/glass enclosures (or any other meterials). They are so active and love to explore that keeping one in tub would be a waste. Also, they love to climb and swim so providing them with more space, branches and larger water area is perfect. If you'd like >here< is my website, you can find more info about them as well as >enclosure< I kept my pair for quite a long time. We need to move houses, but in the new ones we want to build a huge bio-active enclosures for everyone so I will post new thread about it. Also >here< is a thread about our enclosures in general if you are curious.

b) As for breeders in UK/Europe, beside myself and Charlotte there is Robert Brenner and Steffen Harer in Germany who have het. albino and albino this year, Jim M. Caudwell in UK, Pure Reptiles - Shadow Passion in France and Björn Eklund in Sweden. You can find all of them on facebook, maybe they will be able to deliver them to UK Unfortunately we have a year off breding as I could sell you one without problems, but all the people I mentioned have hatchlings born in the last few months.
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