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Question Hissing boa

I have a 2 year old boa constrictor who began to hiss wildly last night for no apparent reason. Her mouth was open and the hissing was very loud. It was night time and there was no movement going on outside of the tank that she might have hissed at. Can anyone tell me why she was acting that way?
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I have three boas. 2 Red, one Argentine. The Argentine hisses all the time. She is about 1.5 yrs old now and has hissed from day 1. I am not sure why your boa hissed all of a sudden, but I would not worry at all unless she becomes ill or starts acting weird.
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yep my Bco will hiss when she has a full belly or is in shed, sweetheart the rest of the time
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can also sound like a hiss because of a resp.
Jordan David M.

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normal - or prob.

a hissing boa - is some times normal...some times a problem...i'am an advocate of regular check ups for all my snakes..i know quite a few rept. vets...if you can tell me where you live i may be able to point you towards a good one...
this next part is a general comment -not directed to you....
Boas are amazing animals with long life spans. All to often i hear people talk about a 10 year old boas death like its normal...we need to, as reptile enthusest, set a standard so high for ourselves that in the comming years we can properly defend against unjust by-laws be passed..

sorry jj for going on a tangent on your thread...but thats me
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My boa will be 3 yrs old this coming January and she hisses sometimes (so it seems) for no apparent reason and has since the day I brought her home, other times she'll hiss if she is intimidated to the size of prey I may feed her or if I have invaded "her territory" inorder to change her water or remove feces or for any other reasons that I am in her den. I wouldn't be too concerned that something is wrong unless you notice her behavior as being abnormal.
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Well another way out explaination, is that animals are said to see and sense unnatural and unexplained(aka ghosts etc) if ya believe in that stuff..........
Jon Dona

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My six year old female boa just began hissing a lot for no apparent reason. She actually did it twice last night where it looked like she sneezed. I think she may be sensing some odour or object in the house that wasnt there before at our old house(ie. dog) and she is disturbed by it. Maybe something similar is happening with your snake? Keep us posted.
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