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Dr3wcifer22 05-10-22 06:29 PM

Split cage for boas
Hey guys, new to the forum. I just recently bought a couple young boas around 9-12 months old. I was wondering in your opinions, could I buy a 4-6ft PVC cage with a divider and put a boa on each side? I could keep them separate for a little bit till I get more cages. Also, I will have a large cage for when they become larger. Im sure this isnt the best situation but just wonder if anyone else has done it or can it be done?

Aaron_S 05-11-22 12:55 PM

Re: Split cage for boas
How would you heat both sides properly?

Dr3wcifer22 05-11-22 08:54 PM

Re: Split cage for boas
I was thinking I could put heat tape in the middle to be equal with both sides or, I could put a low watt RHP on both sides. Its just an idea. Really, just wondering if anyone has ever done it and the success of it. I hate to spend so much money just for them to be outgrown and then turn around and buy new ones when they put grow them.

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