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Help new boa

Hello everyone Iím new to the forum and to reaching out. Iím sorry if Iím posting in the wrong section. Iím not new to snake keeping i have several ball pythons and a Burmese this is in fact my first boa. Heís or sheís a red tail bci. So her goes about 2 and a half days ago I found a snake on Craigslist that I was super interested in. The person I was meeting was an hour away so as I pull up heís standing outside with the snake in his hand now mind you i live in philadelphia pa its was windy and about 28 degrees that night I almost had a heart attack I immediately put him in the bin and cranked the heat in my car and started on our hour long drive.

I finally got him home even though I had the heat blaring he was so cold he was hardly moving tongue flicks were super super slow I was freaking out. I right away but him under a basking light and let him sit for a good 40 mins he started to show life and move around tongue flicks looked good so I started my inspection I checked for mites I opened his mouth to see if he had an upper respiratory infection all looked good. The guy I bought him from said it was his feeding day and I should feed him I was skeptical as Iíve never attempted a feed on the first day but the guy assured me he would he so I offered sure enough he at a small rat.

I left him to his cage and went about my business now hereís my issue and I might just be worried about nothing. He remained on the hot side and in his hide with just his head sticking out for 2 days after that meal as far as I know
He didnít move. I would often check to see if he was reactive and he was. I normally give a snake a week adjustment period before handling but I was worried so I picked him up got some tongue flicks some movement but for the most part just laid in my hand not doing much. I returned him to his enclosure and he made his way to the hot side where the hide is but it seemed super slow to me like he was moving sluggish idk like I said Iím probably freaking out over nothing but Iím worried the dumb *** had him in the cold to long. Ok so I have an uth on a thermostat the hot spot is about 93 the ambient is about 74 Iím working on that and humidity anywhere from 60 to sometimes 70 percent. Do you think this snake is just still stressed Iím ready to go to a vet but donít wanna waste the money if heís fine I mean he did eat rite away. Any help of thoughts would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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Re: Help new boa

First of all, that guy was a real *ss, he shoulnd't immediatly get hurt from getting too cold briefly but what a dumb*ss either way. I'd just leave him to settle, he ate, he went to digest. Keep an eye out for heavier breathing/snot etc, if you don't see anything and he keeps eating... He will probably be fine. Btw there is no such thing as a redtailed bci, its either a Redtail (Boa Constrictor), or a Common boa (Boa Imperator). Or just a 'Boa ssp' (Boa Subspecies "mixed"). If you do not have any solid paperwork it's best to assume your animal is a Boa Ssp.
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Re: Help new boa

My situation was very similar to yours Darkfox. Mine was outside in 30 degree temperature. I put her in a tub cranked the heat and turned on my seat warmer!! I got home gave her 2 days to acclimate then fed her. She ate good she then spent 3 days on her hot spot (90 degrees). Now today on day 4 she started moving around so I got her out. She was in my hand and was pulling back through my fingers. There was a little bit of pressure and when her head got to the end 2 drops of liquid came out her mouth!! It smelled like a dead rat!! It just looked like water! No consistency to it!! Does anyone know what that might be?? Her humidity is 60% hot side is 90-91 ish and the cool side is 82 83 degrees??
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Re: Help new boa

If he's eating and passing right you can avoid the vet, just keep a close eye out for RIs. They're often cause by temperature swings. You also want to be careful how quickly you heat up a snake, sometimes too fast can stress them out. Good luck!
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