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Baby rainbow boa will not eat

Hi all, I have recently (about 3 weeks ago) acquired a baby Brazilian rainbow boa who will not take any food. I'm getting worried as I don't know how long ago she last ate and don't know how long she can go before I should take her to a vet. If she's not eating because of stress I don't want to take her to a vet just to stress her more...

I've been trying to feed her thawed fuzzy mice as that's what she's been eating since birth. I first tried a week after I got her, then when she didn't take it I tried again 4 or 5 days later. When she didn't take that one I left it in her enclosure overnight but she still didn't take it. A few nights ago I tried again, this time braining the mouse first, then leaving it overnight again but still no interest from her. I'm not sure what else to try. Should I move her from her enclosure into a smaller space to feed her? I've seen that recommended a few times but others seem avidly against it.

For reference, I haven't handled her at all since bringing her home, her humidity is above 90% always, she has a lot of substrate to bury herself and two hides, one on each side of the enclosure. Her ambient temp is ~72 and her hot spot is ~83. She moves around at night sometimes like she wants food but won't take it when it's offered.

I really appreciate any advice!
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