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How much to feed my corn snake

Hi everyone! New user here, first time posting.
I was recently given a corn snake. They told me he'll be 10 years old this May, but he seems a little small to me - he's about 3.5 inches around, and about 38 inches long.
The people I got him from said they were feeding him 4 fuzzies a week, but last feeding I gave him two large hoppers instead and he took them down just fine. I'm wondering, is he small for his age, and if so is it because of what he's been eating? Should I increase the size/quantity of food? This is my first snake, and I want to make sure he's happy as can be.
Thanks, everyone!
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Re: How much to feed my corn snake

Only 38" long and 10yrs old? My 2yr old is that long and most of my adult Kings and my one Blood Red Pied Corn are closer to 5ft or just over.

You can feed the snake any prey as big around as your snake, or just a little smaller. The norm is for the swallowed prey to create just the slightest of bulges in the snakes body.

I would think that a snake that size should probably be on either rat pups (fuzzy rats) or weaned rats (after rolling a 3.5" piece of paper into a tube as a guide).
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Re: How much to feed my corn snake

At that size, I would be feeding it adult mice- small, not retired breeder size. I would feed it once a week until it fills out a bit, then taper back to two or three times a month.
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Re: How much to feed my corn snake

Originally Posted by Herpin' Man View Post
At that size, I would be feeding it adult mice- small, not retired breeder size.
I agree with this ^

Got any photos of the snake? If it's skinny, feed it once a week. If not, as an adult, I would only feed a corn snake once every 10-14 days (basically like Herpin' Man said 2-3 times a month).
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corn snake, feeding

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