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Re: Another PREVENTABLE tragedy with live feeding

I am new to boas I just got a dums last week. As a noob I had no idea this could happen I never would have even thought it was possible. The place I got the snake from said it only eats live rats so I got one and put it in the cage with it. As a kid I remember being at a large pet store the had MANY snakes all of them had a live eat in the cage so I thought that it was normal. Lucky for me my boa ate the rat no problems but from now on I will be sure to watch when I feed it. I just wanted to share that to point out some people like me who are new just don't know these things and are not doing it out of stupidity but out of bad info from pet stores.
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Re: Another PREVENTABLE tragedy with live feeding

ya, pet stores tend towards bad info, I watched a rep at a pet store tell someone to feed their cornsnake crickets. After the rep walked away, I gave the customer the correct info on feeding their snake. It's amazing what petstore rep's will say!!

Even when they know better, there is a pet store out here that sells snakes that I used to volunteer with (just so I could play with the snakes, and they purposely tell people to feed full grown BP's mice because they make more $$ on multiple mouse sales than single rat sales. The owner told me that outright!! I told him I was going to tell them the proper way to feed their snakes according to the snakes health, not his profit margin.

As you can probably guess....... I don't volunteer there anymore!! LMAO!!
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