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Garter snake "in the field"

Finally caught this garter snake that I've seen a few times around my parents' house. I caught it in their garden - which I suppose could be a literal "field." It was fun to check out this big guy and then send him on his merry way. My kids like checking him out, but my sister - not so much.

I'm guessing it's a Thamnophis elegans, but if you have a better idea of what species it is, please let me know. Found in Utah, by the way.

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Re: Garter snake "in the field"

Nice find! Yep! Thamnophis elegans also commonly known as the " wandering garter snake". Has cousins also Thamnophis elegans vagrans aka "western terrestrial garter". Looks like this one is a larger female which is evidenced by the contour and tapering of the tail, proportional head size and overall body girth.
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Re: Garter snake "in the field"

Nice find, i know thamnophis get big, but wow I've never seen one that large! Beware tho, holding snakes for long periods of time will stress them out, causing lactic acid to build up in their systems, which can be dangerous (because of this i would not let small children touch/handle the snake as it will greatly stress them out). Also, that snake looked either gravid (pregnant) or like it had just eaten a meal, in either case you should not handle a snake as it can injure its digestive/caudal systems. Not trying to criticize just looking for the well being of the snake. Awesome find tho!
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Re: Garter snake "in the field"

Neat find! That's got some nice size on it. And good on ya for letting it be a learning experience for the kids!
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