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Exclamation Leo wont eat

I have had this gecko for a couple of months. It is still very small so I dont know the gender yet. When I first got it, it ate fine and responded well to being handled. Now the Leo hasn't eaten in over two weeks, and does not like to be handled. Recently, it has started showing signs of a bone disease due to the lack of de vitamins I normally put on his mealworms. I have another gecko (about a year old male) living in a different tank under the same conditions who is doing very well. I don't want to give the leo away, but I'm afraid I will have to soon if it doesnt improve.
Please help!
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Re: Leo wont eat

Welcome to the forum! First off, it's always a good idea to gutload the mealworms 24 hours before giving them to the lizard. Secondly, do you have any good photos of the stubborn gecko? If not, could you tell us what you've spotted that makes you think it's bone disease?

If it is bone disease, take the gecko to the vet.
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Re: Leo wont eat

It is rare but it does happen when they get Metabolic bone disease. My leo got it right as we got her and she's doing much better now but it took a lot of work. There is this type of insect paste meant for leos or beardies and it is packed with protein that you could try to feed it with. Its repashy's grub pie. And if it wont eat that or bugs try mashing the bugs and feeding them that way. Also you should always dust your insects with calcium before feeding. I hope that helped good luck!
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