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Question rosy identification

Hello! I should start out w/ that I'm a first time herp owner. I'm learning that researching info on snake ownership past basic care guides is very difficult! I didn't know how active forums were within the community until it was recommended to me by a friend

So! I brought home my "baby" rosy boa a week and a half ago. I neglected to ask the shop I purchased her from about her genes; she was the only rosy I could find in my city so I was too excited! I've been trying to read up on rosy localities and morphs but all of this information is new to me, and thusly very confusing and a bit overwhelming!
Long story short....I have no idea what exactly my little girl is. I feel like I've tried to look up everything, but can't quite find an image or reference online of a rosy exactly like her.

Would anyone be able to help identify her?
She has a thread on my twitter that includes videos, but here are some quick photos of her:

( ^ Taken through the class of her tank )

( ^ On my black bedsheets for color comparison. in person, the dark stripes almost look blue )
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Re: rosy identification

I breed rosy boas so here's the best answer I can give you. Without info from the seller of what the locality is, it's impossible to give a 100% answer. These guys vary a lot from place to place which makes them so cool. Then there are morphs.

So here's a guess: her pattern makes me think she's a coastal subspecies (like Anza Borrego or whitewater) and her color reminds me of some of the Mexican localities but that's about as specific as I can get. Plus she could even be a subspecies hybrid. At any rate it doesn't matter if she's just a pet. Love her for what she is to you.

If you're really interested in rosy boas I recommend reading "Rosy Boas: Patterns in Time". Lots of eye candy with full page color photos.
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