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Kenyan sand boa advice

Looking for a wee bit of advice on my sand boa please, First sand boa I have owned, I have had him just over a year (know that he is definitely male) reckon he was about 3-4 months when I got him. In the time I have had him had no problems he has been a great eater (fed approx every 7-10 days) was on f/t pinkies and moved onto fluffs maybe about 5-6 months ago. Sheds well with help from a sphagnum moss hide.

He has refused his last 3 meals which is not like him at all, I know this is not long at all but just a bit worried as he is only a little guy. I feed him in his Viv as he won't feed outside it. He is kept on aspen bedding hot end sits around 33-35c and cool end down to 24-26c humidity is currently at 45%. He is approx 10inches long (guess) I weighed him last night and he is 55 grams - can't find any reliable info on weight ranges does this seem ok for his age/size??

Also has been much colder outside last couple weeks so thinking this may be a factor in him not eating? He is not in shed and seems otherwise fine, lively when taken out and always been a friendly wee guy.

Any suggestions please? I know a good herp vet but don't want to worry too soon and cause him any stress.

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Re: Kenyan sand boa advice

Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty sure your sand boa is just going through a winter hunger strike. However, if you see anything wrong with him, consult the vet.
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Re: Kenyan sand boa advice

Its a combination of the colder weather, and at 55 grams, he's becoming sexually mature, so he's in the mood for love, so to speak This is the prime breeding season right now, so he may not be interested in food again until march or april. I would continue to offer him food every 7-10 days, just in case he decides he wants to eat.
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