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Enclosure set up help

I just got a baby Kenyan sand boa. I have an under the tank heating pad set at around 90 degrees 24/7. I have a heat lamp on 12 hours a day. Top of the hide gets to about 94 degrees. Is this okay? I hear alot about how they burrow to get cool. Should i replace the heat lamp with a simple LED that emits no heat and put the heating pad on the side of the tank to avoid burns? First time snake over. Very worried. Want to make the best home possible for my new pet.
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Re: Enclosure set up help

Remove the heat lamp and use a light that emits as low heat as possible, put it on a timer too so it’s on 12 hours and off 12 hours. I am not sure about the LED. The uth is all the heat they need (be sure to use a thermostat for it so it doesn’t get Very hot
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Re: Enclosure set up help

Hi DG. Are you using a thermostat for both the UTH and the heat lamp? If not i would turn off the heat lamp right away and invest in LED lights. I use LED's with a dimmer switch on all my tanks, as an unregulated LED light is too bright for the snakes.

This is the brand i use >
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Re: Enclosure set up help

94 is too hot.
Is your heat mat regulated by a thermostat?? All heat sources should be regulated by a thermostat to prevent dangerous heat spikes which can cause serious burns or worse to your snake.
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