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Mimstrel 10-14-17 08:12 PM

KSB feeding and shedding questions
So I've had my male KSB for several months now (my orIginla female unfortunately escaped on day 1 and was sadly eventually found dead in the basement. I recently purchased a new female who is doing well but has only been here a few days.)

My question with him is this. He seems to only be interested in food every 3-4 weeks, and seels to be in shed a lot. He is active and doesn't seem to be losing weight, but none of the things I have tried (braining the fuzzies, feeding in his cage, feeding in a container, feeding earlier or later, thawing the mouse in his enclosure to "scent seed", putting the mouse in the warmer area or the cooler area) seems to make any significant difference. He does eat f/t and on the days when he does decide to eat he doesn't seem hesitant to accept them. He was eating f/t fuzzies before I got him.

I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. He does seem to be growing, albeit slowly, but I was really under the impression that I should expect him to eat once a week or so, not once a month. Advice?

I do have a thermostat to regulate his hot spot and a temp gun to check it as well. The hot spot got a little too hot (like 10-15 degrees) over the summer at one point but now it's pretty consistent in the mid-90s.

TRD 10-15-17 04:08 AM

Re: KSB feeding and shedding questions
Don't be concerned.. feeding once every 14 days is a lot for them, I offer food every 14 days but he skips it's a lot of times and then I wait a week, sometimes he skips it again the following week... if I average the rate at which he takes it, it's about once every 3 weeks give or take. He's gaining weight still.

KSB is not active at all, their metabolism is very low.

Mimstrel 10-15-17 10:35 AM

Re: KSB feeding and shedding questions
Yeah when I say active, I mean I can find his tunnels through the substrate (aspen shavings) and he isn't lethargic when I get him out.

It just doesn't seem like very much food for a growing animal.

Thanks for clarifying. As long as he keeps growing and eating every few weeks, I won't worry too much then.

TRD 10-15-17 03:42 PM

Re: KSB feeding and shedding questions
One way that seems to help a lot when figuring out "Is he hungry?" is just checking if his eyeballs are sticking out the substrate somewhere :D

I almost always get him to strike the ft mouse when he does that, unless he got spooked by the opening terrarium - then I just leave it overnight and he usually eats it in such scenario.

So far he has not been an easy feeder... other sand boas aren't much different either, they all seem finicky, at least the ones I keep/kept (currently down to 1, a natural morph KSB - others went to other people due to space requirements and I couldn't give them the attention I wish... this one stays because he was the first snake my girlfriend got)

CK SandBoas 10-21-17 05:19 PM

Re: KSB feeding and shedding questions
How old is your male? Males will typically slow down on feeding, and sometimes stop all together this time of year as the weather cools down. If he's old enough and is sexually mature, he could be wanting to breed...My males will stop feeding around this time, and wont pick back up until march at the earliest...

Mimstrel 10-26-17 09:43 PM

Re: KSB feeding and shedding questions
He is about 1 year old - a year and a month or two, I think he was born in September- but still seems kind of small... and this has been his feeding pattern since I first got him about 8 months ago. I am terrible at estimating sizes and haven't measured him, but he still looks smaller than the adults I've seen in pictures and videos. Bigger than he was, yes, and much bigger than my female (born this fall) but still small.

Sand.boa.mommy 01-16-18 09:56 PM

Re: KSB feeding and shedding questions
I am so glad u posted this question. I am a new mommy to a 3mo old male sand boa whom I named Beetlejuice. I have tried 2 live pinkies for him and even tried freeze/thaw method. The 2nd was smaller incase that was his reason for not eating. Like u stated, mine is also very active. Moves around alot. I finally got the temp correct for him to where he hangs out on both sides now instead of just on his heat side. Tonite he was hangin out above his substrate. And very inquisitive. So I thawed his pinky and put him in anothet container with it. He has no interest whatsoever. Im going to leave him in overnite with it to see if he eventually eats it. I welcome all advice and knowledge about him. I have done so much research but I still feel like I have alot to learn. He is a great snake and i love watching him move in his tank and around on my hand. I just wish he would eat. This coming Saturday i will have had him for 3wks without eating.

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