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Unhappy Indian sand boa fasts?

Hello everyone, please let my asking for some advice. Sorry for my bad English.

My Indian sand boa Joe, 1.5 year old, male(probably for his small size), hasn't being eating well since the beginning of September. He is losing appetite, his last male was a small pinky three weeks ago.

It's getting colder and colder in Japan(where i live), temperature in his cage has dropped from 82~90f to 72~87f. It is a little chill at night, so i turn on heat panel to warm him up, it doesn't rise temperature much but creates a warm area where Joe can lay on. He sometimes stay one that area until his entire body are warm to touch...

Hes has being eating well since i bought him this spring, and even become a little "chubby". Now his not eating at all. He does show interests when i offer him thawed mice, lick it aground for quite a while, but eventually left away.

Every thing is not changed in his enclosure beside the temperature.
Places where Indian sand boa lives also have cold seasons during the year, so i doubt that sand boa has habit to fast during cold seasons, and temperature drop in Japan may just triggered Joe to do so? Or I'm simply keeping temperature too low? If Joe is fasting how long will it take? Should i assist feed him?

If anyone familiar with Indian sand boa please give me some advice. I will be very appreciate since there are little information.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Indian sand boa fasts?

I can't help with the Sand Boas, but welcome to sSNAKESs!!
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Re: Indian sand boa fasts?

Is the snake E. conicus? The males seem to have slow metabolisms and not require much food. Mine ate every week when small but only once a month as an adult. If the snake is losing weight then you can offer a live baby mouse, a large pinky or fuzzy. My E. conicus never failed to eat live food, though I preferred feeding frozen.

Also, you can try soaking a frozen mouse in chicken broth before feeding. You can also place the snake in a very small container with a dead mouse and keeping the container covered by a towel for an entire night- sometimes they just want privacy to eat.
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Re: Indian sand boa fasts?

Snakes coming from a temperate climate (ie- it has seasons) will generally fast or brumate during the colder seasons. Don't worry about a sandboa not eating for a bit, even if that bit is 2+ months, as long as they don't lose significant weight there's really no worry.
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Re: Indian sand boa fasts?

Thanks for advise!
He is E. Johnii, but requirements are similar to Conicus. He is 153g now, plus 30g compared to last month. I'm going to make sure to record its weight and keep him warm.
I doubt he eats live food tho. He is super duper cowardice, even scared to dead mice... He never grab and constrict like other sand boas do, every time I left thawed fuzzies for him, he usually lick it around for a while to double check it is dead, then starts sloooowly swallow it. When he notice me watching him eating, he will freez, which is kinda funny to see...
But anyway, I loves him and hope he will start eating again
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