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rosy got squished

I can take a pic if necessary but my camera has a lens malfunction and I lose my phone by halfway through the day and find it to my alarm every morning unless I go somewhere or plug it in. For some reason and somehow my placid little adult rosy got her lid open and went wandering this evening. She's not quite 3' now and a couple inches thick. She continued to gain thickness from the last pic I have loaded online in Jan. Well she went up about 5' on rodent cages to a heavy roasting pan we let the chinchillas dust in and then my husband heard her flip it off landing on some cage panels below with the pan over her. I'm not sure if she impact hit the bars or squished by the falling pan but she has little dents on her top. They aren't deep and she's moving fully including bending and wrapping as much as a fat little rosy wraps while sticking her head out in the open air looking for somewhere to go. Should I just leave her and feed and water as normal? There's no break in the surface.

She had some water but she's been hanging around it more than usual the past week and may not like our source water changed, common during northern springs, and it's not great more stable parts of the year as is. High ammonia and nitrates that I keep sticking more exchange resin canisters on since I also have fish tanks and not getting rid of it all. My husband put in bottled but before I could tell him to dump what little was left in there because I forget such things are not outright duh to him. I will wash it out and refill fully fresh shortly when I was going to do the others. Her skin doesn't show signs of dryness or loose like dehydration otherwise and she's not putting any part of her in the water. Just laying around and across it. Humidity is 60% in the house right now with a little lower on the hot side of her 20 long due to a small che keeping it about 86F down to low 70s on the cool end and full top ventilation.

She also hasn't eaten a lot but just turned down a gerbil fuzzy so it's not like she didn't have quality food available 2 days ago. She eats a gerbil pinky or fuzzy (only about half her thickness) every few weeks. However, she's not an active snake with a slow metabolism and is firm and thick, having practically doubled from about nov to jan in thickness and a little more than that now even if her length slowed a lot last fall, with no spine showing so I decided she just doesn't need it. It's entirely different from my other bottomless pits but she stays round and in firm flesh.

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Re: rosy got squished

The fact that she has no loss of movement is a very good sign as it means there is no serious spinal injury. I think she will recover fine, just keep an eye on her for any weird behaviors. She may skip a few meals due to the stress.
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Re: rosy got squished

Barairo stressed? She's kind of like that shelter dog you bring home who is grateful for everything, loves everything, is happy all the time with their new situation, and won't get off you every chance possible. Except in her food desperation she got stuck to my finger the first week but resolved and she never attempts to bite. I wonder now if there is nothing wrong in her tank and her odd adventure for her was the new snake across the room she went looking for. It was the room with the least reptiles and we realized we no longer have a room without a snake lol so we decided the least risk would be putting the new corn across the longest room with 1 hardy snake in it.
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