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Male KSB denying food

Hello there
My male KSB, Kaa, is about a year old. He's not a particulary active feeder, very slow to strike, I usually have to put it right against his mouth before he tries anything. Lately he just is disinterested in food. Tried feeding today and if anything I spooked him with the hopper.

Could it be breeding season? Hes not really an active eater so its hard to tell. Been about 3 weeks since hes eaten.

Temps are 85-90 in the hot side, 78~ on the cool. He /might/ be in shed but hes aneuristic so its hard to tell when hes getting pale..
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Re: Male KSB denying food

There's a few tricks that you could try. One that has worked for me in the past is braining. Just poke a hole in the head of the defrosted feeder and squeeze a bit of the brain matter out. It may be a bit gross, but it's effective. I've also heard of scenting it with chicken broth may help. I wouldn't worry too much though, they can go a while without eating. If he's hungry he'll eat. I highly doubt that he'll starve himself to death. Hope this helps!
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Re: Male KSB denying food

Some of my snakes have stopped eating at this time of year too, so it's possible that's the case but usually they're a bit older. They're are a lot of tips and tricks out there to feed a problematic snake, but the key one is patience! Gotta have that in the bucket loads. I just feed them in the enclosure and shake the mouse in the substrate near them. If they don't eat, I'll try braining them or just annoying them with it enough to get a strike. I don't worry about it too much if they're not losing weight, and if they are a vet visit is next. I'd get a little jewelery scale to monitor this. Good luck with him.
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Re: Male KSB denying food

KSBs aren't particularly eating machines, especially not the males. My male KSB eats normally every 14-21 days, sometimes less. He's just over 4 years and fully healthy. I don't think you should worry much, just don't stress him out trying to get him to eat if he doesn't want.
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