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Question Kenyan snad boa questions

I'm wanting to get a pair of kenyan sand boas, I've done lots of research, but I still have a few questions. Hopefully I can get some answers, thank you!

1) What size iris tub would you suggest for males and what size for females? They would be housed seperatly exept during breeding when I would introduced the male to the female's enclosure.

2) What substrate do you recommend? I've seen shredded aspen and play sand recommended most, any opinions on these?

3) I really like the axanthic morphs in all snakes, so I was thinking I might get one ow my kenyan sand boas with this coloration. I also really like the regular coloration. Could I get a pure axanthic and a regular het. axanthic and expect a mix of the two in the babies? Also, I'd like to find an article, book, pdf, or similar on KSB genetics, so if anyoneknows of any good ones, let me know.

4) Can I breed one male to two different females at different times of the year, say in January and June? Or would this be confusing to him?

5) How many babies should I expect in a litter (meaning how many tubs should I have set up)? I've read things from less than 10 to more than 30. I know it depends on the size, but what would the range be for an average sized 5 or so year old?

6) What do you all do for water dishes? There's a bunch of conflicting opinions with this. Some say to always have a large bowl, some say to have a small lightweight bowl, others say that they will just spill it no matter what and cause humidity problems, and others say to offer water when you feed them and during shedding.

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Re: Kenyan snad boa questions

1. KSB enjoy elongated enclosures. I'm not a fan of tubs. Males get to about 35-40cm, females a little larger to 60-65cm and much more girthy.

2. Sand does best, aspen is too light for them imo

3. Get The Sandboa Book by W Treacher, it talks about anything you wish to know, including breeding and genetics.

4. I think they breed only once a year, I don't breed them myself though. You can of course introduce 1 male to several females but it may be very exhausting to the male.

5. Depends on the size of the female. The standard is that each 30 gram of body weight equals 1 baby. F.e. if the female is 360 gram she's likely to have around 12 babies.

6. They should have water at all times in a heavy bowl where they can't crawl under. Light bowls they will tip over and they drink regularly.
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Re: Kenyan snad boa questions

Thank you!
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