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Snakesitter 04-24-13 02:28 PM

Profile: Nephrite
This week Living Gems profiles Nephrite. Nephrite was born in July 2010. Like her sister Jadeite (profiled last week), she was a rare acquisition from a small local breeder, made to diversify our genetics with promising local blood. We named Nephrite, as with all Living Gems females, after a semiprecious gemstone.

Here is Nephrite in October 2010, in her deli cup, just after she arrived at Living Gems:

Here is Nephrite as of January 2013, on the occasion of her second (and a half) birthday:



Currently weighing 1168 grams, we expect either Nephrite or her sister Jadeite (last week’s topic) to join our breeder ranks for the 2015 season.

Thank you for reading,

marvelfreak 04-24-13 02:45 PM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
Stunning! I love that last picture.

Snakesitter 04-25-13 01:34 AM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
Thank you, Chuck! :-)

DeadlyDesires 04-25-13 01:47 AM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
these are the color of the ones i like!

Snakesitter 04-26-13 11:50 AM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
Thank you, Deadly! :-)

Concept9 04-26-13 12:27 PM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
The top one is no less than AMAZING . . . I'll take one to go please. :)

Mark Taylor 04-26-13 12:40 PM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
Absolutely stunning nice work.

Snakesitter 04-26-13 01:55 PM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
LOL! She got darker and more orange as she aged..however,I'm working on multiple litters of little stunners for this coming season.

Snakesitter 04-26-13 01:58 PM

Re: Profile: Nephrite
Thank you, Mark!

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