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BRB summer husbandry

Hi, I had my baby BRB for four months, now. This is my first snake so Im looking for any advice to ease my anxiety over making sure I have everything right. In particular, I wanted to know if there were any specific changes I would need to make when summer rolls around. I do have AC and will make small changes such as keeping the binds closed. I appreciate any general advice. Thank you.

Im currently feeding him 5 gram fuzzies every week.

Temp. & Humidity:
He has a hot spot of 83, warm end of 79-80, and cool end of 73-74. His humidity is usually at 95+. It may fall to 85 at the lowest. The thermostat is set to 79 as the temp. will often go to 80 before falling. I use a UTH and digital gauges.

I have a 24 x 18 glass enclosure with a hot spot hide, a cave on the cool end, and a water dish on the cool end. There is also coconut fiber bedding and Sphagnum moss. There are two love plants inside along with springtails and a vine that he enjoys climbing. There is some depth to the bedding as I know they like to burrow around plants in the wild in addition to giving him more options in regard to temperature.
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Re: BRB summer husbandry

It's imortant to keep BRB under 84F. They can handle slightly higher temps for short period but not for too long. If temps get in the high 80's while using the AC, change water in a large water bowl often with cooler water (75F). Or use a fogger with cool water.
I also prefer top heating using a heating panel but that's just a preference of me. The risk of thermal blocking is lower that way but this is mostly only an issue with larger specimen.
The coconut fiber is very nice for them. Keeps the moisture and is resistant to mold.
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Re: BRB summer husbandry

Since you can regulate the temperature inside of the enclosure the temperature and weather outside should not matter too much. You seem to have everything right though, but make sure to monitor his temps and humidity, just to be sure. Good luck!

Originally Posted by serpentixus View Post
It's imortant to keep BRB under 84F. They can handle slightly higher temps for short period but not for too long.
Heed this advice ^
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