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Re: Regurg

Temp guns and thermometers read different things. Temp guns read the surface temp, thermometers read the air temp. CHEs heat the objects below them much better than they do the air around them, which means the surfaces directly below it are going to be much warmer than the air. Thermostats also only read the air temp (which is why they read the temp of a UTH much better being sandwiched), so you should set the thermostat to a temp that allows the surface temp to get no higher than 85-87F, and the air temp no higher than 79-81F.

Originally Posted by phenyx View Post
I don't have a lamp on this viv because I was told that BRBs don't need supplemental lighting or UVB. I just have the 40w CHE on a lamp stand. It only raises the ambient temp 4 degrees above room temp. My ambient temp is 78 degrees during the day.
"Lamp" refers to the device used to house bulbs. If you're using CHEs, you probably have them installed in a lamp?
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Re: Regurg

Originally Posted by phenyx View Post
Why the hockeysticks does *no one* make a heat mat with an integrated thermostat?
We have those in Japan. Unfortunately I didn't find out until after buying a regular mat and thermostat, but I bought one anyway as it's perfect for sliding under a tub with no fuss regarding probes. Not sure if it's a thermostat as such, but it has a temperature control dial so it won't get any hotter than the desired setting. I just set it a few degrees on the low side and monitor the surface temp with a thermometer now and again. Maybe you can find something similar wherever you are. is offline  
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