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Injured Scale on BRB

Hello, today I checked on my Brazilian Rainbow Boa to see a weird looking grey dent in a scale on her head. I'm not sure if this is an injury or an infection. There is no red or blood, it looks like she scraped the scale.

The reptile vet doesn't get in until the weekend. Could anyone help identify what is going on and let me know what to do?
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Re: Injured Scale on BRB

In a few more post you will be able to post some pictures; which will help if we can see it... Could it be a rub spot on the snout?
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Re: Injured Scale on BRB

Possibly, I'm note sure. It's on the middle of her head, and looks similar to dry scales. But, there's a dent in the middle of it, as if she managed to scrape it.
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Re: Injured Scale on BRB

Keep in mind BRBs are not boa constrictors, so this thread has been posted in the wrong forum. They go in the Epicrates forum, more of the BRB-specific people will probably see it there. I'm sure an admin will move it if need be, though.

As far as the scales, definitely post pictures. Dehydration or an injury are the most likely causes, but a picture will help to rule those out or determine which one is more likely the answer.
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