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bioactive display tank stack

I don't know why my phone refused to handle the lighting when it was often better than my actual camera, which is why I didn't replace it when the lens malfunctioned. There's still lots of details to do but the snakes are in their tanks. The corn was needing upgraded and it's all functional until I get around to moving things, the cords didn't reach the bottom gap for the power strip and timers, seal the wood, I want some backs on the outside of the tanks, and finish some internal materials including also filling out the cleanup crew planting the sedums in the 20g longs. There's a lot of hidden places under those flat bark pieces for that corn snake so when she's done exploring I may not have a corn snake for awhile but she loves coming out for that basking lamp. Now there are flat bark pieces instead of the log she was getting too big to drape across.

Everyone went hiding with the commotion but my adult rosy boa is the bottom, the desert king in the middle, and the lavender corn was out because she just got put in her new tank and all misted. The light/heat is from her 29gallon so I will have to see if it needs increased as that's a 46bow.

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Re: bioactive display tank stack

Looking good! I'm wanting to do something similar and get my various setups all organized in one nice stack.
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Re: bioactive display tank stack

Nicely done . My love of naturalistic / bioactive is well documented and these look great.
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