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Can I use a fake tall tree outside the tank for perching?

Hi, I want to get some kind of climbing structure for our corn snake that she can hang out on to spend more time out of her cage. Right now when we take her out we need to constantly hold her so she doesn't get lost or trapped in something, and my 12yo daughter, whose snake it is, doesn't usually want to do that for more than 10 minutes or so, and doesn't do it every day. I always want any pets I have to be able to have a more interesting life than sitting around in a small space 90% of the time and I'm trying to teach her the importance of that too.

I was thinking of a live house tree but don't want the problems of either something harming her, or its upkeep. Would a fake one work? I've also heard of people making PVP structures but that seems a bit daunting (but maybe not) and a tree would look nicer. I know pet stores sell big tree-like structures for birds but they're hundreds of dollars.

Something like this is what I was thinking

Of course I guess she could climb down to the ground from the tree or any structure we get - not sure what a barrier would be for that, but we could keep an eye on her.

On a related note, for some reason she LOVES nosing into curtains. Maybe with all these leaves she'd be content to just hang out for a while.
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Re: Can I use a fake tall tree outside the tank for perching?

Just wash it off. I don't think plastic plants come with any harmful fumes but read whatever you get just to make sure ig. I to have been thinking of getting one of those bird branches for some snakes and my chameleon just so I can take better pics of them but yeah they cost way too much. The link you shard I'm sure would work just fine. Though I would prefer something with a little more horizontal branches for the snake to rest of if it chooses. But maybe you can even add to it with some branches from outdoors. I'm assuming its just some fake moss or something in the pot.
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