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Pogie 12-06-17 10:30 AM

I'm back :)
Hi all have been away for a while. I have had lots of things going on. But I still have my snakes :) Thought I would post a couple of the corns. Kinda fuzzy but you get the idea of what he looks like now lol.

Drogo my oldest the normal stripe corn.
He was being shy and didn't want his photo taken.

Khaleesi, my whiteout corn. She has a bit of yellowing on her but I only see it when I use the flash on the camera lol. If she yellows out I don't mind, she is pretty mellow like Drogo :)

I still have Tyrion also, my MBK, he is doing good too :) I didn't get photos of him this time around though.

I have also gotten another Ball Python, his name is Bob. This one eats and don't bite so I may have gotten lucky with him. The others I've tried either wouldn't eat or just plain meanies, or I'm a sissy :)

EL Ziggy 12-06-17 11:19 AM

Re: I'm back :)
Welcome back Pogie. Your critters are looking great!

Albert Clark 12-06-17 12:22 PM

Re: I'm back :)
Good to see and hear that things are in order. Welcome back!

Sylphie 12-06-17 05:59 PM

Re: I'm back :)
Haha, I came back few days ago too! Glad to see some familiar members posting around :D
Hope you'll post the rest of the crew soon too as I'm curious how they look!

Pogie 12-10-17 08:14 AM

Re: I'm back :)
Thanks all :) I'll get pics of Tyrion up as soon as I get updated photos of him. He is still my favorite snake of them all. I like my others but maybe it's because he was my first snake, either way I like him lol.

WB Sylphie! See, we seem to stalk each other! ROTF!!

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