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Question I'm considering an ATB, but I'm not too sure about everything.

Hello everyone,
I have been looking into getting an amazon tree boa for a while. They are one of my favorite looking snakes. It should also be noted that I am aware that they can nippy. That's fine with me. I have looked at a few care sheets, and I none of them have really answered all of my questions.

First off, what is a good enclosure for a neonate? I was looking into a tall storage bin setup, but I'm not sure if that is a good idea.

Secondly, what is the best way to maintain they humidity they require. I have heard that foggers are bad.

Third, what is the best way to heat the enclosure? I've seen heat tape used in the side of the enclosure, but I've also seen people use CHE.

Fourth, I heard someone say that they require a lot of airflow. How true is this and if so, how would I achieve the correct airflow with high humidity.

I would greatly appreciate any help. I would also love if people posted pics of their ATB setups.
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Re: I'm considering an ATB, but I'm not too sure about everything.

Tall storage bins would work great.

The best way to achieve proper humidity would be daily mistings in combination with a substrate that holds humidity well such as cypress mulch or coco bedding of some sort.

The best way to heat the enclosure would be a radiant heat panel. CHE will dry out the enclosure a little bit in comparison, and heat mats or tape won't provide any basking while perched, which ATBs enjoy.

They don't require a lot of have to have adequate airflow so that mold doesn't develop in the enclosure.

There's a couple of people on here who keep ATBs so hopefully they'll be able to post some pics of their setups.
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