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annieb_mice 08-07-10 02:04 PM

BC Reptile Club
Do you live in BC? Would you like to be involved in an active BC reptile club and meet others in your area who share your interests? Join the BC Reptile Club! The forum is free to join and it's easy to become a paid member of the club and receive some pretty awesome discounts!
To learn more about this hot new Club, follow the link:

With over 1200 members, and more joining everyday, we're the biggest reptile club in BC!
Take care

Freebody 08-07-10 06:46 PM

Re: BC Reptile Club
i joined a few months back im frebody on their 2 :) not a paid memeber but me and my father is familyguy, we were thinking of doing the family deal but still have not decided on that part of it yet.

annieb_mice 08-08-10 10:06 AM

Re: BC Reptile Club
Remember, when you get a membership, you get a 15% discount from me as well! ;) Not to mention all the other breeders who offer discounts and such as well! It all adds up... :)

Freebody 08-08-10 01:22 PM

Re: BC Reptile Club
oh really i didnt know that :) im going to sign up right now then, i did see a bunch of classified adds that had like $50 off snake price if your a paid member which is more than the membership yearly fee :P no one could complain with that deal, although im full of my own reasons/excuses to buy stuff, it might be dangerous to add the fact ill get a discount now lol

annieb_mice 08-09-10 10:40 PM

Re: BC Reptile Club
Yep, lots of the breeders there give paid member discounts on their animals! Steve from DaSnakes gives $50 off the first snake, and I think he gives you an even better discount if you get more than one... :D
That's only ONE breeder... there's lots of others! ;) WELL worth the cost of the membership, plus everything goes towards helping any rescues we take in and helping to put on more reptile shows in the future! :D

Freebody 08-09-10 11:49 PM

Re: BC Reptile Club
i emailed the guy i was supposed to and he still has not emailed me back. :( looks like i ill have to wait till oct expo or somthing.

annieb_mice 08-10-10 10:38 AM

Re: BC Reptile Club
Chris is probably working long hours right now, given that it's summertime and his work is pretty seasonal. Give him a bit of time and he'll get back to you. You can also check with Jess or Steve (Dasnakes) about sending them the money. Jess is the membership secretary, so she'll be able to set you up. Steve is in the process of moving, so might not get back to you right away, but I assure you that he WILL reply within a few days. :)
If you are still having problems, let me know and I'll poke them all with a very sharp stick! LOL!!

Freebody 08-11-10 05:11 PM

Re: BC Reptile Club
hehe kk :)

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