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Thumbs up Aspidites ramsayi (Woma) attempt

Hi everyone.

I have decided to pair my Aspidites ramsayi

Male is a Rockhampton Downs about 5yr old.
Female is possibly a Tanami locality. around 6/7yr

The photo's are too big, for me to upload

I am told my male may possibly be carrying a reduced pattern look.

Both are incredibly tame.
The female was dumped as "She's phyco" Never (yet) had an issue from her.

They have been cooled for i would say couple of months now, the male is producing sperm plugs, female is a proven (bread around 3yr ago, before i got her), although, male is a virgin, an seemed to Sh*t himself at the sight of her! she is about 3xs his size after-all.

They look chunky here as they had a huge meal - do not power feed, but for a few weeks prior to breeding and pre propergating, i will offer them large food items, to sustain them over the periods.

I am aware they can be in breeding mode 3-4 months, maybe longer.
They are meant to look triangular, as they will eat other snakes as part of their diet.

Do they look to be in good shape to you?
The female i would say is easily 6 foot.
The male 4.5 or their about, haven't weighed them but the male i would guess around 3lb and the female easily double that.

Have any of you guys, had issues with cannibalistic outcomes?
I have bread Morelia ssp a few times, how different are these?
I did see the typical (after the male stopped freaking out and realized she was female), initiated "Flirtatious" tail wagging, the male seemed to be doing this more-so than the female, then she would on occasion wag back, he was cruising her, and wanted to lock, but, hes just not figured it out yet.

The female seemed to be stressed after a couple of hours and started snout rubbing, so I separated them.
Their temps where as low as 25/26c (77F). do they need cooling further?
Not sure how receptive the female is, she did tail lifts, so look promising, she was just pacing.. lots.
So will try again in the morning.
Also I had noticed the female had gotten rather dark this past month... Could that be a behaviroral que, she is wanting to breed? As she remained rather dark post Slough

Many Thanks.
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