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Jervy67 11-09-18 10:51 AM

What would this combo produce?
Hi guys, have kept boas for a while and want to get into breeding (in another year or two, not immediately). I currently have a Hypo Sugar Pastel female and am looking into purchasing a Hypo poss Jungle 66% kahl 50% squaretail and am curious what combos that could potentially produce. Thanks in advance! Still learning about genetics here so go easy on me :)

Andy_G 11-09-18 12:08 PM

Re: What would this combo produce?
Out of that pairing you would get pastels( line bred normals that are clean), super hypos and hypos. I don't think it;s entirely appropriate to label a hypo a pastel, but lots of people do it. If the hypo poss jungle was in fact a jungle, the litter would yield jungles as well. If I were in your position, I would consider looking for hypo jungles that had another visual gene present so at least the babies produced would be 100% het. The poss het percentages that you posted will not yield anything for at least a generation and that's only provided they posses the genes in the first place...a long journey to prove out something like that. Sugar is a really nice line to deal with, but once outcrossed, the babies in my opinion can not be labelled as sugar line. Jungles are usually easy to tell with a practiced eye, and het squaretail usually has many markers as well. Hopefully that answers your question.

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