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Make an Inccubater


I was hoping someone had leads on how to make your own inccubater?
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Re: Make an Inccubater

There are many diagrams and instructions on how to build an incubator that are floating around the internet if you search for it, it depends on what you want to build it out of.

Here is one example:
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Re: Make an Inccubater

I recently made my own incubator out of a cooler. Pretty much all you need is an insulated box, a thermostat, and heat tape. You set it up much like a standard enclosure.

For any homemade incubator, try to poke as few holes as possible to trap heat and humidity. There are only two holes in mine and I sealed both with ducting tape.

Place a couple sealed bottles of water in the bottom of the incubator to help keep temps stable.

If you use an old refrigerator, leave the cooling system intact- a professional is necessary to remove the system so that the old freon can be captured during disassembly.

Keep the incubator in an area that you know will stay cooler than your desired temperature (so your eggs don't over heat).
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Re: Make an Inccubater

Yea it is pretty easy, heat tape, a thermostat, and an styrofoam box, cooler, or an old wine chiller or fridge.
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Re: Make an Inccubater

I have a little cooler that I've been using. I've hatched gecko eggs in it, and it currently has some hognose and (accidental) corn snake eggs cooking in it.

A plastic cooler with a heat mat large enough to heat your cooler to the desired temp and a thermostat is all you need. I added a small computer fan to keep the air circulated so the temps will stay more consistent throughout. And, I have a container of water that covers most of the floor of the cooler. It acts as a thermal mass to keep temps more stable, and it keeps humidity up.

As a kid, I hatched some king snake eggs in a fishbowl full of dirt sitting on the dresser in my bedroom.
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Re: Make an Inccubater

This is good to know. I once jury-rigged a mini fridge to hibernate a garter snake I had for a while (added an air pump/holes for air circulation as well as used thermometers to monitor temps. It worked great!). I'm planning on breeding snakes eventually so I'll bookmark this for later use. Thanks!
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