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Looking for help/info/tips how to breed a snake I stole. Please let me explain

Okay, the title sounds reeeeeaaally bad. But don't jump to conclusions, let me explain; This is long so I'll put the questions in bold. And I am sorry if these are stupid questions..

Hi everyone, sorry if I mess up; I'm new to this site. Anyway, I didn't grow up with a love of reptiles or go out of my way to learn about them. In fact I had a crippling phobia of snakes since I was born. Nevertheless, my boyfriend I was living with bought himself a baby albino snake. He's one of those people who would only enjoy owning something for the novelty to bring it out and show his friends and the novelty of an albino snake... He was a terrible owner, threw the snake at things, teased it with food, he would jump at its cage to startle it, blew smoke in its face, tie things to its tail as a game, etc. I was still petrified of it, but it was living the life I wouldn't wish apon my worst enemie.. So what else could I do?; I left him and took his snake.
TLDR: ex is a **** and didn't deserve to own a snake, I took it from him.

Now, Fast forward three and a half years later.

Boots is two and a half meters long, eats one large rat every two weeks and sleeps in my hood when we go for walks.
I love boots and want to do the best I can. So I've been wanting to breed her but only to give her the experience, tbh id probably give the babies away to LOVING homes.
But my friend says snakes have no maternal instincts, so is breeding her just going to stress her out?
And when I even tried to research what to do to breed out your snake they all asked what kind of parents she had. The store that sold her is under new management now and all the old records went with the previous owner who went Mia. So, how important are the details of the snakes parents when it comes to breeding? Reece(my ex) told me she was an albino Darwin darling carpet Python, but that doesn't even exists. I don't understand the 'het' genes or anything. The best I could find out from reptile palace where she came from, is that she's a white Phoenix. 😕

Honestly, just any tips or step by step instructions about breeding your snake would be a god send. or just someone to talk to who might know more than I do about my snake Boots.
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Re: Looking for help/info/tips how to breed a snake I stole. Please let me explain

First, I think the correct sentence is "snake I protected" instead of "snake I stole" ...

I'm pretty sure snakes do not gain anything for the experience of breeding (ie- emotional benefit), or at the very least, that has not been researched. Actually there are snakes that indiscriminately devour their offspring if the opportunity arises. While it's a nice gesture, you should consider this, besides, if successful you suddenly have a whole lot of them to get to feed, maintain, and give away... it's quite the responsibility there.

Ps. that does look like an Albino Darwin Carpet Python. It does exist. Though you say yours is 2.5m which is quite large for a Darwin's..

This is the normal form:
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Re: Looking for help/info/tips how to breed a snake I stole. Please let me explain

Definitely a carpet python. No reason to breed her though. For one, she is a pet to you. Breeders are handled and maintained a bit differently and would probably stress YOU out. 2nd, you don't know her herretiage and over popilation does exist due to people who just want to breed for the novelty of breeding, which doesn't sound like what you are all about. Snakes are NOT maternal. They lay eggs and leave. And if it's a live birth, they just birth, then leave. Baby snakes come out 100% independent. They also come out FIESTY. Which leads me to the last reason you shouldn't breed. 10-20 nippy, hissy. Food aggressive babies are probably not the best thing for someone who admits to being even a LITTLE timid around snakes. Baby carpets are fierce and not for the faint of heart.

Thank you for taking her from an abusive situation. Just keep loving her like you do and she will benefit tons! Also, probably best to dial her feeding down to 1 rat every 3-4 weeks due to her size and age. =)
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Re: Looking for help/info/tips how to breed a snake I stole. Please let me explain

Breeding kills animals, it's irresponsible to breed "just because." They don't need or want the experience, and can live quite happily without ever being bred. Just enjoy her as a pet.

Plus, you have to think about the cost. Buying racks and enclosures for the babies, and food for however long you have them, is extremely expensive. Depending on how you go about it, you'll lose a lot more money than you'll make from the babies, and the cost could rack up into the thousands. And, as Minkness mentioned, that's a whole clutch of bitey defensive babies when you're already nervous about snakes.
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Re: Looking for help/info/tips how to breed a snake I stole. Please let me explain

She could very well be a pure Albino Darwin but without accurate lineage records it's almost impossible to say with certainty what kind of carpet python you have. Lineage is very important to many carpet keepers. If you were to ever breed her you would have to identify her as an albino carpet python of unknown lineage but like the others have said there's no need to breed the snake. She's a beautiful pet.
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