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serpentshideawa 02-14-11 09:13 AM

coconut bark?
What is your opinions of coconut bark as a substrate for boas?

marvelfreak 02-14-11 01:55 PM

Re: coconut bark?
Never used it, but heard it work great when mix with reptile bark.

NennaMeerkat 02-14-11 01:59 PM

Re: coconut bark?
It is supposed to be really good...

belovedboas 02-15-11 11:00 AM

Re: coconut bark?
Ive been using cocunut husk/mulch for yrs...great for humidity:):)

Damion930 02-15-11 01:55 PM

Re: coconut bark?
I just started using It and realy like it it looks good and clumps nice with messes wrks well for dry and humid setups my retic dumped his water the other day and it soaked all the water up wich made it easy to clean up my sand boa and king snake both burrow in it

whoaxmary 02-17-11 02:45 AM

Re: coconut bark?
I've always used the coconut husk that either comes in bags or bricks you mix with water. As mentioned, greaat for humidity. And it looks nice, is easy to spot clean, and isn't pricey, expecially in the brick form.

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