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Talking funny thoughts

hey guys.. i was juss bored tonite.. handlin my snake for the day.. and a thought went through my head.. this "hobby" i think mite start growin on me, lol. The thought was that "if i get a good cash flow later on, i think i mite get another snake and start a collection" then i kinda staired at my snake a bit and thought "this guy is the koolest.. i think i mite need to get me another one" lol <---- wonder how many of u "inosently" started out like dat and now have a lil collection well tell me ur stories on how u guys all got started and how it was for ya.. thanx

ps: i got a M colombian redtail bci named Romeo
LOL FINE!!! there were no swear words :P juss **** lol its all good... 1:0 Boa Constrictor
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same thing happened to me, I started with corn snake, then got a ball python and a kingsnake...then got another king snake, then got a boa
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Me: ( damn you SImon LOL )
carpooled a snakebreeder to a reptile show..... he invited me in " snakes do nothing for me...nice colours but really, no interest ".

got a cornsnake ( that day )
got a brazilian rainbow boa ( because Simon has this kick butt big female that is amazing, and I wanted one....he wouldn't let me have her tho )
got a hog isle bci ( wanted a bit bigger of snake, and got a really good deal on this sassy lil wench LOL )
got a colombian bci ( at a reptile show....made the mistake of asking the vendor if I could hold the one he was showing....he let me....I came home with it )
got a mate for my first ( second actually as the first one passed ) cornsnake.
actually got 2 mates for my corn. so 3 corn in total. ( my first corn is a female.....needed a mate as I would like to breed them ONCE, well maybe twice, once with each male ).

want list: a partner for Promise ( my BRB, a cutie Jeff Favelle baby )

for now, that's it. Stay tuned, as the addiction flows.
Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with stupidity
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My first snake was an impulse buy, and I had never even heard of ssnakess or any other herp resources. I was in petco testing the waters to see what my girlfriend thought of me having a corn snake.

That day I wound up purchasing it, at least I did buy all the housing first (a couple hours earlier) and then came back for the snake.

A month later I had a pair of JCPs coming, in another month the BRBs showed up, and a short while later the BCIs were here as well.

Hmmm, how long til the GTPs arrive?
Brent Strande

0.1 Corn Snake (Anery), 1.1 JCP (High Yellow), 1.1 BRB, 1.0 Albino BCI, 0.1 Het Albino BCI, 1.0 GTP (Jayapura type)
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Join Date: Mar-2004
Location: Port Coquitlam
Posts: 72
lol nice to hear dat the addiction isnt juss for me i guess these lil guys juss totally grow on us hu? i mean.. i love the fact that they arnt considered "normal" pets for most ppl.. so when i tell em i have a snake, they're all like.. "U HAVE A SNAKE" and start askin me questions.. (awesome pickup line) <--- lol jk
but ya.. although these snakes cant really listen to u and sometimes get annoyin by crawlin off somewhere.. i still love em.. thanx for sharin ur stories.. im sure ill have a list ( sooner or later )
keep em commin
LOL FINE!!! there were no swear words :P juss **** lol its all good... 1:0 Boa Constrictor
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