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ChunkyMunky 07-19-04 03:51 PM

Boa eating bullfrog?
The petstore i buy my feeders from are out of f/t mice and rats. I was talking to the reptile guy and he said i can buy a small bullfrog to feed him untill they get the rats back in stock. So can my BCI eat a bullfrog, is it healthy? Don't they have some kind of toxins? Thanks in Advance.

Linds 07-19-04 04:02 PM

Don't feed your snake a bullfrog. I doubt very much you could even get your snake to take one, and just having it in its cage could introduce all sorts of pathogens in to your snakes environment. Even if your snake did take one, it could pose all sorts of health risks. I would recommend finding an alternate place to purchase your feeders (rats).

ChunkyMunky 07-19-04 04:05 PM

Thanks you linds for the quick response, i knew it didnt sound right. I think i'm gonna buy my rats from from now on.

Linds 07-19-04 04:08 PM

Sounds good! :cool: Yet another example of bad pet store advice :rolleyes:

CHRISANDBOIDS14 07-19-04 04:36 PM

LOL. Silly petstores! Thats ridiculous! I have never heard of that, but yes, as linds said, all sort of problems could arise from it.


Matt_K 07-19-04 04:43 PM

How much were they trying to sell you the frog for???

ChunkyMunky 07-19-04 04:56 PM

small 3.00 medium 5.00 large 8.00

JaredAren 07-19-04 08:18 PM

I have ordered from Rodent Pro, Bayou Rodents, The Mouse Factory, and Classic Dumm's. They are all good but Rodent Pro has the best prices from what I have seen. Although Classic Dumm's sizes tend to be slighlty larger.

LINEBACKER 2 07-19-04 08:54 PM

Best stick to rats and rabbits.


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