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Wheezing boa

Recently, I noticed that my bcc seemed to be wheezing slightly. The sound was not entirely unlike the squeaking my lungs make after a night of smoking too many cigarettes (I could pave a highway with the contents of my lungs.) I don't think it's a full-blown RI since there aren't any other symptoms. He's still active, has no discoloration of the mouth, no nasal bubbling, etc. etc. RIs, as I recall, usually have to do with humidity levels, right (which were still on the moist, tropical side from all the mistings during his last shed)? So I took his humidity down to 40% and am twiddling my thumbs wondering what else would be beneficial. Would raising the heat be a good idea? He's currently at 90/80.

Another thought I had was that the mesh-top aquarium bachelor pad I have him set up in is not providing adequate air circulation, which is a criticism of aquariums I wish I had known about before I bought it. I do plan on upgrading the viv in the coming months, but if air flow is the problem, is there anything I could do in the short term to improve ventilation? Maybe put a fan on him (which would take the humidity and temp down, methinks)? Any suggestions welcome.
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Respiratory infections are caused by several things, including improper humidity. The low circulation could definitely have something to do with it, but as you mentioned, a fan on him could lower hum. too much. Try putting a fan near the cage, or facing against one of the walls. If it lowers hum. too much, put it on a timer to go off for every other hour or something. gl.
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humidity is usally the culprit with RI.....something i don't hear alot of talk about hear on this sit is what happens with too much air flow.....this too can cause he under a to a vent....a door that is opened and closed alot...

this topic is covered alot with avian keepers....but herp keeper should also be on the look for such avoidable problems (though I must admit are not very common.)

Over all sound like you have been doing every thing right....temps sound good (though I would keep the hot closer to 95)...bring back up the hummity to normal levels....

Gut out your cage and clean well...... (your right)with the mesh-top aquarium cover air circulation may not be sufficent.....take alook at where the cage is place...try the fan in the room (like bighead suggest) and raise the hot spot a bit....if he is over all healthy he should bounce out....keep an eye out for mucuse in the mouth though
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Could it be perhaps leftover shed inside one of the nostrils?
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