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How to wean off of power feed


Happy to be here. Now I need some help and this is the best forum I know around.

Iím currently living in Iran and as you probably guess the reptile scene here is not great. Iím buying my first BCI (previously have had ball pythons and my dad used to keep a huge Burmese that I helped him with). Which will be my first snake over here.

Now all the breeders in Iran power feed their snakes. This snake is 3-4 months old and a female BCI. She will arrive tomorrow and I will share pictures and specific data such as weight, length and stuff here.

What I need to know is how to approach weaning her off of the power feeding schedule. I will share the exact schedule tomorrow I know that the breeder fed her 3 adult lab mouse To her each week! All at the same day and in quick

He is also shipping some feeders to me tomorrow so I will know what is the weight of the pray she usually consumes

Should I just go cold turkey or should I gradually reduce her meal size? Also will there be any permanent harm to her?

I searched the web but found no answer to these questions

Appreciate any and all feedback
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Re: How to wean off of power feed

my 3-4 month boas are on one small mice weekly/10days
my 1 yr old boas are on large mice fortnightly

so definitely being overfed, this will cause obesity and shorten there lifespan

slow and steady are far better for boas as they have a slower metabolism than a python
id also wait for them to defecate before in between feeds to make sure there empty and this way shouldn't get too fat

hope this helps
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Re: How to wean off of power feed

Waiting for defecation is a good rule of thumb for boas. I would just switch to feeding once a week maybe even once every two weeks depending on the snakes weight until you get it back down to a healthy rectangular shape. As far as if something is wrong with the snake. Only a vet can tell you that. Generally a growing baby snake would need more meals than say and adult but 3 adult mice is a bit much. Please post pics when you get it. Ima take a guess and say after 3-4 months its not THAT bad but thats just my guess until you post the pics.
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