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New member, first boa.

Hi folks, never thought Iíd be back in the herp world, but here I am 14 years later. Quick recap: This past weekend I decided to revisit the reptile expo and left with a semi unanticipated purchase. Now I find myself reopening those old mental drawers of knowledge, stressing the little things, making sure everything is right, and driving myself and those around me nuts in the process (common). ill see if I can attach a photo of Stanley, but in the meantime I had some questions in hopes the seasoned / more versed members can help answer:
1) doesnít seem like the boa is using his hides. Iíve been messing with the temps thinking Iím screwing something up, have the hot and cool side set somewhat right, temp gun reading 88 hot side and 79 cool (considering the substrate thickness) is this normal behavior?
Brings me to question #2) I purchased coco chip based on a recommendation at the show, I opted to not wet it to expand it / break it up, is this bad? Does it require to be moistened? I just took a handful directly from the block and broke it up and placed it into the tank.
3) is it safe to give the boa tap water or does it need to be distilled? Or sterilized?
4) during his last feeding, (first one since I got him) he got some mouse blood on him, whatís the best way to clean him? Should I wet a paper towel with some mild soap or non toxic sanitizer and give him a light wipe?
5) is it ok for him to swim in tap water? If I needed to give him a soak.
6) should I occasionally be misting the substrate on the hot side?
7) is it safe for me to spot sanitize the tank without rinsing? I purchased Carolina Custom Cages sanitizer on Amazon. They say itís safe/non toxic and doesnít require rinsing.

I think thatís about it for now. Thank you everyone in advance! I really appreciate it. Want to do all the homework I can.
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Re: New member, first boa.

Hi and welcome to the boa world, boas are great fun

my boas very rarely use there hide and are on show 90% of the time, some only use them when in shed or the warm end hide when digesting a meal and some not at all, but are there if they need them,the mouse blood will dry up and come off easily with a moist cloth or damp soft paper towel/kitchen roll
i use orchid bark and just spot clean,i do full change every few months . i normally mist morning and night depending on humidity when i see them going into shed
hope this helps a bit
i only ever use tap water,if its safe enough for me,lol and fine for bathing in, id just smell it first incase they being doing treatments in the area to check its not to chemically smelling, you can use bottled water if your in a hard water area ,or leave it to stand overnight for anything to evaporate off
look forward to seeing pics
cheers rich
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Re: New member, first boa.

I wouldn't try to touch a snake that just ate. Even my little garter snakes get whipped up in a frenzy and start to see everything coming at them as food.

I use dechlorinator sold for fish tanks in my snakes' water dish. I'm not sure if it's 100% necessary since we drink it and snakes aren't in the water constantly like fish and amphibians, but I figured it can't hurt.
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Re: New member, first boa.

Awesome, thanks fellas! Quality response, helps out for sure.

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