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Slycooper 05-19-19 11:59 PM

Cleaning after your boa?
Hello just wanted to see how everyone cleans after there snake goes to the bathroom? Do you just pick up the Substrate you use or do you replace it all with new substrate ? do you clean that spot with bleach or soap ? And how often do you change your substrate and also which do you find that works best ?

richardhind 05-20-19 06:35 AM

Re: Cleaning after your boa?
i always just spot clean my orchid bark and unless its gone thru to the viv then i wipe it down with cleaning product, no need to do a full change every time

Andy27012 05-20-19 02:48 PM

Re: Cleaning after your boa?
Spot clean weekly, full bedding change monthly. CleAn cage and accessories once a week with f10.

Slycooper 05-22-19 08:24 PM

Re: Cleaning after your boa?
So under my snake like the head but the bottom part of the head on the side has a light yellow around it i think it’s just from his last feeding but I just want to know if I should be worried or should I try to clean it off ? Thanks

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