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richardhind 05-04-19 07:45 AM

longicauda boas
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some updated pics of my bcl boas. they have changes do much in 2.5 yrs ive had them, they really are nice boas
first the female she was 3 in april

richardhind 05-04-19 07:47 AM

Re: longicauda boas
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next the male "Etso",he is such a dark boa, i love his reduced gold saddles against the black

richardhind 05-04-19 07:49 AM

Re: longicauda boas
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now a few to compare the two together, both was 3 in april
the Female "Mama Quilla" is loads bigger than him
the two wouldnt keep still to take pics

ClockwerkBonnet 05-04-19 11:41 AM

Re: longicauda boas
The black and white coloration of the female is a lot more pleasant to look at than the male's colors (no idea why). Nevertheless, great photos of both of them.

richardhind 05-05-19 02:53 AM

Re: longicauda boas
thanks clockwerk
yes shes pretty cool , there such great snakes to have,thats for sure

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