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Bci help!!!

Hey guys I'm new to this forum and I just have a few questions to ask some other snake owners. I recently bought a boa constrictor imperator(3 months ago) and have been doing great so far. I feed her every 7 days but ask thinking of maybe making more time before feedings not sure maybe you guys could help with that too? She is about 27-30" last shed being 27". My main concern is... in the past everytime I fed her, about 2-3 days before the next feeding I would find poop but for the past 2 feeds I haven't been able to find any poop in her enclosure and its starting to worry me if anyone has any advise I really want to hear it! Her new tank I set up about 2 months ago is a 6'2'2' fish tank that I built a wooden and screen mesh top for. It is bio active with all live plants. She has 3 hides(warm end,middle, and cool end) and a large enough water dish to soak in. She spends about 60% of time in that water is that okay? I have a repti rain system to help with humidity as well as I mist 2 times a day.

Any help at all would really be appreciated as I love caring for this amazing reptile and just want to give it the best I can!

All food I feed her is the same size as her widest part of body and always frozen thawed for anyone wondering.
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Re: Bci help!!!

Boas have slower metabolisms than some other snakes and don't always poop as often as colubrids or pythons. If you don't see any swelling or notice any lumps around her clocoa I wouldn't be worried just yet. How old is your boa and what size prey are you feeding her? I usually feed my young boas about every 10-14 days. I haven't seen either of my boas soaking. You may want to double check your temps and make sure she doesn't have mites. Lastly, I think the fogger and misting is a little bit of overkill. They don't really require very high humidity. As long as they have fresh water and are well hydrated I don't think humidity is a big deal.
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Re: Bci help!!!

The food that is give her are the size of the thickest part in the mid section I don't know what size they are called as the local store just let's me see the freezer and pick the right sizes. Temps on the hots side get to 89 and on the cool side will drop down to 80 sometimes 76 on cool side at night but not really anymore winter is leaving so warming up slightly. Her hot spot gets hotter being under 1x 150w ceramic and 1100w infrared that I want to make a ceramic as well. There is also a heat mat on the hot side if the tank stuck to the side of the tank. She uses all the hides but the one on the cool side she seems to just go to the water on cool side. I read somewhere that some snakes use there water dish as a hide? As for humidity if I don't mist every 12 hrs or so it will drop to 30% with my misting it keeps the tank around 50-60 % and if I turn the repti rain on I can get it to 70-80 but other wise have that turned way down and I try to keep it about 50-60. Since last post she has pooped once so that's good. She does not have mites I have research a ton on that just to make sure and my bio active setup includes isopods
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