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Allthatremains 01-04-18 08:30 PM

Quick temp check!
Hey guys, just wanted some quick input on my temps. I'll make it short and sweet! Warm side about 83-84 (roughly 81 under the hide) the hot spot is about 94-95 (which is on top of the hide) cool side is about 78. All temps measured with a temp gun. Cheers!

StevenL 01-05-18 09:08 PM

Re: Quick temp check!
Without knowing what type of snake and the age of your snake you are housing in that environment it is hard to tell if your temps are optimum. The numbers you depict though are not way out of bounds for whatever snake you are housing. You aren't going to freeze nor cook anything at least.

DJC Reptiles 01-06-18 12:51 PM

Re: Quick temp check!
Yeah, I have no way of knowing what snake you are keeping... Those temps seem fine for commonly kept snakes such as corn snakes and ball pythons.

bigsnakegirl785 01-07-18 06:41 PM

Re: Quick temp check!
It's in the boa constrictor forums, so I assume this is for a boa constrictor. In which case, it sounds fine to me.

Is the enclosure being heated with an overhead heat source? What are the ambient temperatures? Keep in mind temp guns only give you surface temps.

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