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richardhind 12-16-17 09:05 AM

longicauda boas
my two BCL longicauda peruvian boas are coming on really well 'mama Quilla' the larger female is growing and fill out so fast ,she a lovely silver sided snake with black and gold upper saddles and the smaller male 'Etso 'is so much darker than her

richardhind 02-02-18 11:43 AM

Re: longicauda boas
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some update pics of my longicauda boas
first off the female 'mama Quilla'
Shes colouring up great, i love her silver sides against her black and gold saddles, she 2 in april

richardhind 02-02-18 11:46 AM

Re: longicauda boas
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now my male 'Etso' hes a fair bit smaller and darker than her but still has the great black and gold saddles

IDvsEGO 02-02-18 12:19 PM

Re: longicauda boas
very pretty snakes

SnoopySnake 02-02-18 12:30 PM

Re: longicauda boas
These are gorgeous! Really underrated boas :)

richardhind 02-03-18 01:18 AM

Re: longicauda boas
Thanks, I donít know why you donít see them about more as they are a really nice snake to work with , canít wait to see them as an adult

EL Ziggy 02-03-18 10:32 AM

Re: longicauda boas
Beautiful boas!

richardhind 02-03-18 02:21 PM

Re: longicauda boas
Thanks el ziggy

SnoopySnake 02-04-18 09:31 AM

Re: longicauda boas

Originally Posted by richardhind (Post 1034045)
Thanks, I don’t know why you don’t see them about more as they are a really nice snake to work with , can’t wait to see them as an adult

As far as boas go they do end up on the bigger side and don't have "color" which is what many are after (which is why we have so many morphs like the albino ones), but personally I prefer them in the more natural/dark/black and white colors and find their size rather impressive. These and Argentines are on my want list for sure.

Will be looking forward to updates :)

richardhind 02-05-18 10:20 AM

Re: longicauda boas
Thanks snoopysnake. I really like the Argentine too, Iíve got morphs as well but find something really nice about that shiny jet black against the silver and gold on them, guess thatís why Iíve for an img aswell.

richardhind 04-08-18 05:41 AM

Re: longicauda boas
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my two bcl are two on the 12 april and i took a couple of pics this week as they was looking good
'Mama Quilla' is now 4.5ft long and 1100G her silver looks so good against her black and gold saddles, She is on small rats once a fortnight and is going to every this weeks next feed, she is not over keen on the slippery table and tries to flatten herself out to get extra grip

little 'Etso'is much darker than her and is only 3 ft and half the weight of his wife to be

richardhind 04-08-18 05:42 AM

Re: longicauda boas
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the last full bodied pic of 'Etso'

richardhind 06-13-18 01:30 AM

Re: longicauda boas
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i had 'Mama Quilla' my female bcl out for some pics the other night, shes filling out nicely, the male was in shed so i will get some updated pics when hes shed

EL Ziggy 06-13-18 11:32 AM

Re: longicauda boas
Hmm. Your boas are getting my wheels turning Rich :). Gorgeous critters!

richardhind 06-14-18 01:39 AM

Re: longicauda boas
thanks el ziggy,
boas are pretty cool deffo worth a thought for any collection

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