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Vent/anus. Red and swollen.

My mate purchased a baby boa probably 8months old now and had stopped feeding for a month. I said 99% of the time it's the husbandry so got him to send me a picture of the set up. Looked fine with orchid bark 2 hides big enough to fit in to and a water dish so it could soak. I was a little suspicious so went up for a better look and to see his new scorpion. When he took her out I noticed how skinny she was , like you could see her spine . She had stuck shed, which he said he had already bathed for for 30 minutes for in warm Luke water. I checked her for mites and RIs and was clear off both and she was alert and moving with shinny eyes so went and checked her vent when I noticed it was swollen and red. It looked like an infection of some sort but he then said it was like that a month ago when he bought her and has got worse. I said ****ing hell get her to a vet you Muppet. He is taking her tomorrow as thats the next opening space the snake can get seen. I said put moss in a hide change her substrate to newspaper and bump up the temps a bit while you wait for the appointment. I know the pet shop proper her but maybe damaged her in the process, but I don't think it's that . It's definitely an infection of some sort, does anybody know or had the same experience. I've googled it and seen something that you can pop back in with ky jelly. Just have to wait for the vet thank yous
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Re: Vent/anus. Red and swollen.

If its infected and not just prolapsed you shouldn't try to 'pop' it back yourself, any update on this from the vet?
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Re: Vent/anus. Red and swollen.

This could be parasitic, protozoal or just plain foreign body that caused a infection. Exotic vet is the best way to go for the specific diagnosis and treatment. Did your mate contact the seller to let him know about the ailment? I hope its not too serious and gets treated quickly. Good luck.
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