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dwarf boa

Well after all the guessing my boa has 0% dwarf in him. Went to the place where I got him from for a wee visit . Butterfly and insect world. They have them in separate enclosures now. The dad was marked down as a Dumerial boa which was spot on. The mother was marked down as a crawl cay. Clearly not and was just a normal boa. I said to themail guy that works there that's a normal and not a dwarf boa. He said is it. We don't know we get our information from people like you......... it had a card above the enclosure with information about crawl cays . Max out at 5 feet and this things about 6ft. May 7ft in between anyway. I would put up pictures but it says I can't because itsunami 420x840 and I've tried to change the settings and delete old photos but still won't let me. Shame as there was a great one of a yellow anaconda and a western hognose.
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Re: dwarf boa

Gues he's not going to be dwarf then,lol
I've had problem with uploading pictures except from my laptop where I have to edit and resize the picture to allow to be smaller enough to upload
Good luck and can't wait to see the pics especially if daddy's a dumeril there markings are stunning
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Re: dwarf boa

Have you tried uploading the pics to a picture hosting website and posting the URL in the "photo" button in a reply rather than attaching it?

I figured as much, though. Keep feeding him like I recommended and he should slowly get to a large size. Better for him AND you, healthy for his body to slowly grow and you can grow with him. Watching my old videos of me and Cloud I used to have trouble picking him up at 5.5'-6'. A few years later and I can now easily pick him up one-handed at 6.5'. Jumping straight to a 7'-8' boa would be difficult to get used to if he grew that big all of a sudden if you aren't used to it.
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