View Full Version : Adult Male, just shed! :)

09-26-02, 07:03 PM
4 year old male bp named Onyx.. just popped outta shed! :) hope you like him!


09-26-02, 07:16 PM
It looks like he's starting his list from the Wish Book pretty early Jeff! Christmas isn't for another 3 months

09-26-02, 07:18 PM
HEHEHEH!!! you remembered it was there? :P

09-26-02, 07:41 PM
very clean looking snake.. Let see some more. How many snakes do you currently keep Jeff???

09-26-02, 08:10 PM
thanks inked :) I agree, his pattern is not all that busy and is really clean for a dark bp :) I think i got in and around 10 snakes now in my collection :) but its growing fast! trying to pair up most of my stuff, before it gets to big and its hard to find adults ;)

09-26-02, 08:27 PM
Very cute :)

09-26-02, 08:34 PM
well if you do find more Adults then you can handle (BP's) let me know. Im in need of a male. What are you currently looking for?

09-26-02, 08:41 PM
Nice looking Ball Jeff! I am a fan of the clean pattern as well.

I just picked up another female today. I have 1.2 now. I keep saying "that's it for the year..." but then something happens and I have more snakes than the day before....

Oh well, I'd be spending the money on something else anyway.

09-26-02, 08:46 PM
By the way, the name Onyx, would i be wrong to think that you are a fan of "Havoc" and "Sticky Fingaz"????

09-27-02, 04:22 AM
inked, lol yeah. but sticky fingaz and fredro starr are my 2 favorite in the crew :)

09-27-02, 04:49 AM
i've not got around to naming any of my snakes, but if i did, i think one of them would defintaly be named, "Rober Van Winkle"
AKA. Vanilla..

09-27-02, 10:56 AM