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yeloowtang 01-12-15 02:28 PM

my latest reef tank
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Nice to see reefers her too :)
been/was keeping reef tanks for about 25 years.. things sure were different back then compared to these days...
this system was set up with lots of equipment.
92 aqueon corner tank with a self made acrylic sump
10k metal halide with 4x t5 actinics plus a actinic LED strip
kalk reactor, CA reactor
all the pumps I could fit controlled by my reef keeper
and so much more stuff I forget :)
nice fish, tones of corals.. spent sooo much time and $$$ I could sit there for hours just looking at it..
but after that long in the hobby and fighting a chemical war after one of my most aggressive corals fell on another one :( manage to save most of them with water changes and carbon filters... decided that it was time.. but hope to one day get back into it if time and space permit

how I miss my tank :-(

pdomensis 01-12-15 03:38 PM

Re: my latest reef tank
Gorgeous, but it needs to be drained so you can house a carpet python in it. :-)

Pareeeee 01-22-15 10:55 AM

Re: my latest reef tank
Woah beautiful!!!!!

shaunyboy 01-22-15 11:28 AM

Re: my latest reef tank
that's a pretty amazing looking tank mate

would love something like that slightly above the end of my bed,it would be great going to sleep watching that tank

a lot of work,money and up keeping going on there

cheers shaun

mistersprinkles 04-25-15 11:37 AM

Re: my latest reef tank
That's a nice setup you have.

millertime89 05-05-15 01:27 AM

Re: my latest reef tank
Very cool! I would love a reef tank some day when I'm settled and have a house with the room for something like this.

Albert Clark 05-05-15 10:25 AM

Re: my latest reef tank
Amazing look and great craftsmanship!

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