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Great stories you guys.
I don't have any touching ones really, but my friends and I are total lake junkies - we're always there... Go camping at least once a week when it's warm.

One time Dad took my little sister out camping, of course Lois and I tagged along for a little while. (we had a band event, so couldn't stay) We had an exelent dinner - hamburgers and porkchops cooked, well, Dad likes to bring his grill - I rather think that's cheating, but oh well. Some real camping hot dogs (sticks in the open fire, baby!), Honeydew Mellon, and Toasted Marshmellows. After dinner we all just kinda sat around the fire, letting the food settle, and listening to the birds. All of a sudden, we hear something shuffling around... so we turn back to look at the picnic table, and, sure enough, there's a racoon sitting there rusting around in the crumbs (not trash. we take care of that) left by our dinner. It sits there and looks at us while it chews on a pork chop bone, looks around some more, and walks off like we were never there. ^^
Twas pretty neat, really.

That's all I got for now. Yay nature-junkies!
On the other hand, you have differnt fingers.
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