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Thought I would share this one..

Back in 1977, I lived in Germany at the ripe old age of 16 as part of a student exchange program. One day I was to travel to a neighbouring town about 3 hours away for a visit with one of my sponsor family's relatives. My German "mother" had prepared a bunch of sandwiches (ham and swiss cheese on rye), some fruit and a coule of drinks. She was such a good mother.. The trip was done on a very old Solex moped, top speed 10 miles per hour. The trip took me down a path designed for bicycles and mopeds that bordered on some farm land. It was at a clump of trees beside the path that I decided to take a little break. Well out came the sandwiches and then.....

down came a hawk.

He landed about 5 feet away from me and just sat there looking.

Wide-eyed and awe inspired, I just sat there taking in this unusual little guy while devouring the first of my sandwiches.

A few steps closer and the hawk continued his stare in my direction. I figured what the heck and I dismantled the second sandwich. I threw out a piece of the ham and the little guy immediately grabbed the piece and devoured it. It wasn't long before he had consumed all the meat and then I figured i would try him on a little Swiss cheese. Hey this guy likes cheese too..
The bread wasn't to his liking so I dismantled the last of the sandwiches and surrendered my last remaining piece of ham. I just laid back against one of the trees while consuming my swiss cheese sandwich and drinking my soda and watched the little guy. As we both finished our respective lunches, we both just sat there and took in the relief of the shade providing by the tree on that hot summer day. All tolled I stayed under that tree for close to an hour and a half before pressing on my journey.
Even when I got up the little guy didn't fly away. He just sat there looking at me.

I remember saying to him "time to go" and with that he looked at me and then flew off.

Nature is wonderful..hope you enjoyed my little is something I will never forget

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