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Saw nobody at the show, but I was there...

I know I've been kind of silent recently, but I did go to check out the show on Sunday. I thought it was really good, much more selection then the last two shows, lots of neat herps. Problem is, I met up with hardly anybody! With less time for the forums, shows are the only place to chat, and I missed pretty much everybody who wasn't trapped behind a table! There were no sightings of Roy, Beverly, Grant, or anybody else! I did see many people behind tables, and said hi to all I recognized, and had some interesting chats, and some not so much (I don't thing Scotty likes me very much It could be that I had my nose in the herps all day, but next time I'll keep a wider eye open, and hopefully be able to stop at least some of you, if just for a second! By the way, I noticed a significant lack of people until about 10am, I was actually able to get to the PC table without pushing OR shoving!

PS How come I wasn't informed of a party???
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