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Originally posted by Linds
I used to always, but now I rarely ever do. Unless I am totally confident in the animal (ie- got it from someone who I kow for certain had wormed them, or really really trust the person who bred the animal itself), I treat newcomers with fenbendazole.
This is precisely my answer and my method exactly. At this point I get fecals if I've already treated with fenbendazole (panacur, repeated at 2 weeks) and the animal is still displaying symptoms.

To whoever it was above who mentioned a sick animal showing a clean fecal - many types of parasites will not appear on a routine fecal. Also you will find that they don't always shed eggs, so they can get 3 clean fecals and 1 dirty. This is especially typical of cyrpto, in which case a gastric lavage (or stomach wash) is the next step.
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